Alexander Rose: The Portofino Collection

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Bringing the market with high-quality garden furnitures for decades now but Alexander Rose still continues to impress and gather thousands of followers not only in the United Kingdom and Europe but is now starting to make their name known worldwide. Ever since this company has been known to take the preferences and the suggestions of their customers into consideration when they are making furniture designs for their next catalogue or collection, and aside from their great looking craft, that is also the reason why they are gaining a lot of recognition all over the world.


It is also because of that reason that Alexander Rose started the Metal Collection in the year 2003. They wanted to have something new to offer to their most loyal customers. Their customers wanted garden furnitures that are of high quality but require only minimal maintenance, and metal is a good material in making low maintenance but long-lasting outdoor furnitures.


Alexander Rose launched this new range of furnishing under their label with the Avant Range collection which became a big hit with their customers. But now Alexander Rose now has three collections offering a beautiful range of metal garden furnitures, and The Portofino Collection is one of them.


The Portofino Collection

The Portofino Collection is a cutting-edge collection of metal garden furnishings. The range of furnitures in this collection from Alexander Rose definitely took furniture, making into a whole new level. This metal collection shows the beauty of simplicity and of a contemporary lifestyle. It offers a line of outdoor furnitures that are the epitome of modern and trendy living that is very in style these days. The furnitures in this collection feature the creative use of wire mesh and of mild steel coated with fine powder. — find the best vaginal whitening cream


The biggest trademark of the Portofino collection is the precise art that was used in making all these fine looking garden furnitures, the precision which is demonstrated best in the delicate way that the different structures and the mesh are blended together, fusing lines, forming shapes and patterns that become the design of the different kinds of furnitures in this collection.


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Portofino Collection Furnitures

Benches and Chairs

This collection only offers one type of bench and that is the Portofino Bench while there are several metal made chairs to choose from like the Stacking Side Chair that is available in colors black, blue, pink and purple, the Stacking Armchair, the Single Corner Chair and the Lounge Chair.



Alexander Rose has Bistro Tables that are available in shades of black, blue, pink and purple. They also have a Rectangular Table, Extending Table, Coffee Table, Side Table and Stone Table.


Swing Seats and Sunshades

The Metal collection offers a Portofino Parasol with tilt and a Portofino Swing seat with cushion.


Other Furnitures

The Portofino collection also has other garden furnitures to offer like the Portofino Corner Sofa, the Double Middle Sofa, the 2 Seater Sofa and the Portofino Tea for Two Folding Set.

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