Alexander Rose: The Pine Collection

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Pine is a soft wood that grows in most areas of the Northern Hemisphere and it actually has more than a hundred species available worldwide. A pine wood is soft, its color ranges from white to pale yellow and it is actually lightweight, making it very easy to transport from one place to another.


A pine wood is also straight grained but it lacks figure. A pine wood can resist shrinking and swelling and it is usually used for a decorative effect. Pine is also often used to make provincial or country furniture, the pine wood is pickled, whitened and painted, and oil is often used for the furniture’s finish.


Pine is another timber that Alexander Rose uses to create their world class garden furniture. It is a great material to use in making different kinds of furniture since it is a true blue all-rounder. Simple soft wood like the pine timber is used to create a range of rustic and homey feel to your garden. — read here vaginal whitening before after


The pine softwood used by Alexander Rose has been specially treated to make it suitable to be used outdoors. One of the most famous pieces that they make using pine timber is their picnic tables, styled with different kinds of interesting designs. Garden furniture that were made using this softwood are solid and they will also surely age beautifully.


Although pine is extremely famous softwood used in making garden furniture, Alexander Rose only uses carefully selected FSC softwood from a forest located in the Eastern Europe, a forest that is responsibly managed. Each piece of pine tinder that they use in making their high quality furnitures is treated first to make sure that it is suitable and that it will last in an outdoor setting. The yellow green color of a fresh pine timber will mellow over the course of time, turning into an attractive silver grey tone.


Here are the available garden furnitures from Alexander Rose that are made from pine softwood:


Swing Sets
Add a dash of happy and fun vibe to your garden with a swing set from the Pine Collection of Alexander Rose. Their swing set comes with a canopy that are in colors green or ecru.

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Picnic Tables
Sharing a meal with family or friend while surrounded with refreshing plants and beautiful flowers, doesn’t that sound great? To do that, you need to have a picnic table and the Pine Collection might have just what you are looking for. This collection has a Pine Gleneagles table 8-seater, a Pine Woburn picnic table and a Pine Heavy Duty picnic table.


Chairs and Table
The Pine Farmers Bench from Alexander Rose will surely belong anywhere in your garden. They have a farmer’s bench with back support and one without support. Every garden needs a table, and the Pine Collection’s Farmer’s Table would be perfect for you.


Other Pine Furnitures
Alexander Rose also offers other furnitures that are made with pine softwood like the Pine Farmers Rocking Chair, the Pine Tree Bench and the Pine Lightweight Stools.

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